Are you “that guy” that doesn’t make plans about vacations? Are you always sure that you will find “something” at the last moment? We feel you, but it’s not always works like this with accomodation.
Well, there is also always the bright side!
Months like July and especially August, it’s what we call “high season”. So while prices are high even at the end of August, you may find big discounts on accomodation if you can only wait for September.
The islands are not so crowded, the transportations are getting cheaper, so why not your accomodation. The weather is still nice in Greece and some times feels like July and August, so September, it can also be the right time to rent a room or an apartment.
Long story short….we have a special offer for you.
Book now your accomodation for your late summer vacations at Villa Loucia for only 20 euro per guest and per day, or for only 80 euro if you want to rent the whole apartment. The offer is valid only for September 2019.

Get in contact with us to book now your late summer accomodation.

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